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preorder womens wool slippers natural

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Lovely slippers that also look a bit elegant. The slippers are made of 100% wool which makes them wonderfully warm, yet they breathe and you do not get cold or sweaty feet. These slippers come with an eco sole. This sole is of higher quality than the standard ballerina slippers. In addition, you can walk outside for a short while with this sole to get the newspaper from the letterbox, for example. Your feet stay dry in this.


35-36 (22-23cm)

37-38 (24-25 cm)

39-40 (25.5-26 cm)

41-42 (26.5-27.5cm)

43-44 (28-29 cm)

Why choose wool? Wool is a natural heat regulating fibre, meaning it keeps your baby warm in the winter and cool in the summer. It is also naturally water resistant, it doesn't cling to your body like cotton does once wet. Naturally antimicrobial, wool requires less washes than synthetic fibres, therefore making it enviromentally friendly.

Material: 100% natural wool, without the addition of synthetic fibers.

Care: Wool is naturally antibacterial and stays fresher longer compared to other fabrics. To freshen your wool product, simply hang outisde for a few hours You can spot treat a fresh stain/spill by dabbing the area with a baby wipe. Only wash wool if it's visibly soiled. Handwash with a wool safe detergent. Lay flat to dry.